Our children matter.

They are tomorrow's community leaders, professionals, and, parents.


Our community is important.

Working together we ensure the success of the next generation.


Our success is yours.

Get involved and help ensure the future of our children, our schools, and our

Alignment Toolset


Alignment Jackson is guided by the following operating principles, which ensure that our work is focused on systemic change:
• The outcome of our work is to enable children to be successful.
• Alignment with priorities for the school district and community is for the well-being of our children.
• The work is designed to support the school district's Strategic Plan.
• The work is generational.
• The work is focused on those who most need support in order to be successful.
• While we are targeting academics we are focusing on the whole child.
• The work is a comprehensive and multifaceted approach designed to enable student success.



Alignment Jackson's design and implementation process ensures that A-Teams are making progress toward systemic change. Alignment Jackson facilitation staff, who are experts in the collaborative process, guide the teams through each phase of the process. Each team first creates a Tactical Plan (1) to align to common goals to address a community issue, then used the Invitation to Participate (2) process to align resources and engage the broader community in the effort. The team provides oversight for implementation of the initiative (3), and gather data to determine the impact and need for scale-up (4). Finally, if the effort has achieved the desired impact and systemic change, then it is institutionalized (5) either in the community or the school district. 



Alignment Jackson is governed by a Board of Directors, which appoints an Operating Board to oversee Alignment Teams (A-Teams). This structure provides varying levels of involvement and leadership, engaging a wide range of stakeholders in different ways. This structure also provides sustainability, ensuring broad involvement that insulates the organization from changes in leadership in any one stakeholder groups and ensures that committees are making progress toward systemic change.



Alignment Jackson combines knowledge management, content management, and project management into a powerful collaborative tool - ComCoefficient - that powers the principles, structure and process of AJ.