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Alignment Jackson High School Team

Career Exploration Fair

Committee Vision: All students graduate high school equipped to succeed in a global society, prepared to excel in college and career because of their cultural depth of knowledge, commitment to service, rigorous academic training, and career focused occupational skills.

Description: Jackson Public Schools are undergoing a historic transformation at every grade level. From Pre-K through high schools, every student who attends JPS will be prepared with 21st Century skills. JPS has worked with Alignment Jackson, a partnership between JPS, United Way of the Capital Area, Greater Jackson Chamber and the City of Jackson, to design, facilitate and implement this transformation.  The objective of this transformation is to ensure that every student possesses the following Five Characteristics of a JPS Graduate:

  • ACT Score of 21 or above
  • Completion of the Individual Career and Academic Plan
  • Completion of an online course or computer proficiency course
  • College credit or a nationally recognized professional certification
  • Completion of a community service, an internship or a capstone project

JPS' transformation is wholistic; however, initially it will be most evident at the High School level where JPS will transform all of its High Schools into the Academies of Jackson. The Academies of Jackson allows educators to teach and students to learn in evidenced-based smaller learning communities that have been proven to increase the rigor, relevance and relationships students need to thrive in todays global and competitive world. Beginning in Fall 2014, every 9th Grade student entered into the Freshman Academy at their school, and the Academies of Jackson will add a grade until each school is wall to wall academies by the 2017-2018 school year.

In the new JPS, high school students will explore college and careers very differently. For example, the Freshman Seminar curriculum will integrate an interactive career exploration fair to provide students with an opportunity to talk directly to people and engage in activities designed to provide them with more insight and awareness in careers they are interested in pursuing. Jackson Convention Complex has agreed to be a sponsor and on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, will host approximately 2,200 students from the Academies of Jackson for this monumental event.  Students will create career exploration research at school in preparation for their visit. The objective of the Career Exploration Fair is to provide an avenue for high school freshmen in Jackson Public Schools to explore a breadth of career areas. Additionally, our objective is to raise awareness and excitement about what it takes for students to achieve their dreams.

The Career Exploration Fair will provide students with an awesome opportunity to explore their career choice by interacting with local professionals, engaging in interactive activities related to the career field and connecting the relevance of their goals to their studies.

The Career Exploration Fair is a game changer for JPS and the City of Jackson. It is designed to facilitate and help students connect the relevance of their studies to their goals. It also promotes:

  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Development
  • Help prepare students for College Readiness
  • Help prepare students for Career Readiness

Target Population

The City of Jackson businesses and organizations, JPS' students and their families

What do we want to do?

Short-Term Outcomes

  • Increase Averaged Daily Attendance at each JPS High School by 100%
  • 100% of Academy teachers receive professional development in areas identified by JPS professional development plan
  • 100% of Academy coaches receive professional development in areas identified by JPS professional development plan
  • 100% JPS 9th Grade students complete iCap
  • 100% JPS 9th Grade students engage in career exploration
  • 100% JPS 9th Grade students engage in college exploration

Mid-Term Outcome

  • Increase in academic performance

Long-Term Outcomes

  • Increase College Readiness
  • Increase High School Graduation Rate
  • Increase Career Readiness
  • Increase Average Daily Attendance

If you have any questions about this Invitation to Participate or the ITPTM proposal process, please email or call Anthony Johnson, Interim Executive Director, Alignment Jackson, or (601) 965-1353

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