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ITP:  3rd Grade Literacy Promotion Act Summer Reading Supports
Please review below or click here to download.

Committee Name:  Alignment Jackson Elementary Committee
Date of release:  May 14, 2014
Must be submitted by:  June 15, 2014

Boys Reading







Project overview:  The Alignment Jackson Elementary School Committee is supporting the Jackson Public School Districts efforts to increase high school graduation rates by ensuring that all third grade students are able to read on grade level as measured by a passing rate on the Mississippi Department of Education's third grade literacy assessment at the end of third grade.  The Mississippi Legislature passed the Literacy Promotion Act, which requires all students to read on grade level by the end of third grade in order to be promoted to fourth grade.  This law goes into effect during the 2014-2015 school year.  National research shows that students who are reading on grade level are more likely to graduate high school and less likely to enter the criminal justice system.   Alignment Jackson wants to partner with you to ensure all JPS third grade students are reading on grade level.  Alignment Jackson can help to equip summer providers so that they are prepared to provide at minimum 3 hours of weekly reading instruction.

Services request: Community organizations are invited to participate in this effort focused on rising and retained third grade students and their families which include (but are not limited to) the following services and/or materials:

  1. Publicity and Promotion-Tell us what you can do to promote literacy throughout the city
    • Example:  Banners or radio ads about the importance of summer reading
  2. Parent Workshops-Tell us what literacy workshops you can provide to parents
    • Example:  Workshops and other trainings focused on teaching parents how to read with their children and how to teach their children to read
  3. 3rd Grade books and other reading materials both fiction and non-fiction.
    • Example: Copies of the required 3rd grade summer reading books- Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes
  4. Upcoming Events or Activities tied to 3rd Grade Reading
    • Example: Community, Faith based or Corporate volunteers hosting family literacy events.
  5. Incentives for students to read
    • Example: Prizes or drawings for students who read the required JPS books.

(Organizations do not need to provide all services in order to submit a proposal.  We welcome any proposals that can assist with the above mentioned services needed.  The Alignment Jackson Elementary School Committee will host a collaboration meeting to bring all service providers together around program implementation.)

Overview of Alignment Jackson: The purpose of Alignment Jackson is to align community resources in support of public education.  Our goal is to improve the achievement of all school children through a city-wide partnership initiative that will provide important and needed services to the schools.  Your expertise and programs are critical to the success of Alignment Jackson.  We hope that you will join us in this effort.

Benefits to Participating Organizations: Participation in this pilot provides your organization with the following benefits:

  • Improvements in outcomes for all Jackson children, particularly those who need additional support to realize their potential.
  • Opportunities to contribute in areas in which you have specific skills and capacities.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and for building individual agency capacity.
  • Data and measurable results to support outcome reporting to funding agencies.
  • The opportunity to be a partner with a city-wide initiative to redesign, elevate and increase the effectiveness of the delivery of services to Jackson's school children.
  • The ability to work directly with Jackson schools and to establish a strong relationship with key administrators and teachers.
  • The opportunity to receive matching funds through grant requests by Alignment Jackson to foundations and other sources of support. Your organization's contribution of resources to the work of  Alignment Jackson will enhance your potential to be a recipient of related funding.

Invitation to Participate Process: This committee has developed a pilot project to align the resources of community organizations – non-profits, government agencies, colleges and universities, businesses, faith-based organizations and others – in support of a common goal.  The Invitation to Participate process provides these community organizations with an opportunity to propose ways they can align their existing resources for increased impact on student outcomes.  The committee will review proposals based on organizational capacity and expertise, willingness to collaborate, and likelihood of success.

Summer Reading Supports Program

Goal selected:  Increase High School Graduation Rates

Strategy selected:  To create a district wide framework of interventions and supports that improve third grade reading scores using community and school based resources.

Tactic designed by committee:  Develop Summer Reading Supports that provide resources to rising and retained 3rdgrade students.

Project Explanation: Research shows that students who read throughout the summer continue to grow academically. Those who do not read can lose up to three months of academic growth. To foster reading during the summer months, multiple community partners created One Jackson…Many Readers with the following goals:

  • Engage 30,000 readers with 100,000 books
  • Create a culture of reading across the City of Jackson
  • Bring students back to school in August with academic gains
    Adapted from JPS Website

Target population:  JPS rising 3rd grade students and their families in the district's 39 elementary schools; especially Tier 2 and Tier 3 rising 3rd graders.

 Needed information from community service providers:

  • Organization
    • Contact name
    • Mailing address
    • Email
    • Phone
  • Description of services to be delivered
  • Capacity of organization to deliver these services
  • How the organization plans to collaborate to deliver services
  • Documentation of the organization's previous success
  • Additional information (include information about your organizational capacity and plans to document your activities and outputs as well as to measure the outcomes of your program).

Expected dates of implementation:  June 1, 2014 through August 18, 2014

Expected outcomes: Participating organizations will be a part of an effort that is expected to:

  • Help students improve on the JPS summer reading assessment
  • Pass the Mississippi Department of Education's 3rd grade Literacy Assessment
  • Increase the number of volunteer hours contributed by the community in the high schools (as registered through JPS partners in education)
  • Increase the graduation rate (long-term outcome)

Upon completion of the 2014-2015 1st term, participating organizations that provide services and/or other resources will receive a final report, detailing progress toward these expected outcomes, which can be used for the organization's reporting and future funding requests.  Organizations must document their time spent in the Summer Reading Support program via JPS Partners in Education in order to receive this final report.

Assessment strategies: The committee will use data provided by JPS regarding 1st term grades earned and 3rd grade passage and promotion rate as determined by MCT and classroom grades.  In addition, data from Partners in Education will be used to document the number of hours provided by organizations. 

Respond to this Invitation to Participate

Submission Directions: Organizations that submit a proposal in response to this ITP must agree to the following statements of intent and conditions:

  • This will be a collaborative effort.  To achieve the goals of Alignment Jackson, organizations will need to work together to provide services.
  • While there are currently no financial resources to support this effort in the short term, Alignment Jackson intends to seek significant resources to support successful models for collaboration and delivery.
  • Your organization may need to redirect resources, personnel and otherwise, to participate in this project.
  • Alignment Jackson has a small staff and is also supported by leadership from Jackson Public Schools.  These resources  will be used where feasible to support your efforts.
  • When delivering services in the schools, your organization must comply with JPS policies.
  • Your organization agrees to report resources contributed to committee work quarterly, using Alignment Jackson forms and processes.
  • Your organization will be asked to provide process and output information (i.e., services actually provided, number of students served, student demographics, sites, etc.) on an annual basis.

If you agree to the above statements of intent and conditions, we invite you to submit a proposal by (June 15, 2014) on the Alignment Jackson web site (www.alignmentjackson.org ). Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Organization
    • Contact name
    • Mailing address
    • Email
    • Phone
  • Description of services to be delivered
  • Capacity of organization to deliver these services
  • How the organization plans to collaborate to deliver services
  • Documentation of the organization's previous success
  • Additional information (include information about your organizational capacity and plans to document your activities and outputs as well as to measure the outcomes of your program).

If you have questions regarding the pilot project or the ITP process, please contact Anthony Johnson (Anthony@alignmentnashville.org).  Please note that all organizations working in JPS schools must register with Alignment Jackson.  Visit www.alignmentjackson.org  to register.