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Invitation to Participate

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Alignment Jackson Middle School Committee

Supporting JPS Middle Schools


Committee Vision: All students are equipped with the academic, social and emotional skills to successfully transition into high school.


Description: Research indicates that middle schools are an exciting time for scholars, educators and parents and suggests that the intellectual, personal and social development is key for all students.

The Alignment Jackson Middle School A-Team would like to build on this research and work with community partners to expand the classroom experiences of middle school students and provide opportunities for these scholars that supports and plays an integral role in their intellectual, personal and social development.

“Supporting JPS Middle Schools” is a targeted intervention designed to promote community engagement and help facilitate the process of “building stronger schools together” through leveraging community resources to support middle schools, their families and students. The Alignment Middle School A-Team invites you to submit an Invitation To Participate response to support JPS Middle Schools.


What Do We Want To Do: The objective of the Supporting JPS Middle Schools Invitation to ParticipateTM is to support the following:


Jackson Public Schools Wildly Important Goals:

  1. Increase academic performance and achievement.

  2. Increase average daily attendance for students and teachers.

  3. Attract and retain high quality teachers and administrators.


Alignment Jackson A-Team’s Long-Term Outcomes:

  • Increased high school graduation rates

  • Increased average daily attendance

  • Increased college readiness

  • Increased career readiness


Target Population: Students at all JPS Middle Schools


Services Needed From the Community: The following are services needed from the community:


  • Mentors

  • Music Programs and Opportunities

  • Art Programs and Opportunities

  • Theater Programs and Opportunities

  • Speakers Bureau – Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Success, Etiquette, etc.

  • Leadership Training

  • Advocacy Training

  • Club Sponsors and Leaders

  • Service Learning Opportunities

  • Other relevant resources and services


ITP Community Meeting Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Release Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2016


If you have any questions about this Invitation To Participate or the ITPTM proposal process, please email or contact Anthony Johnson, Executive Director, Alignment Jackson, Anthony@myunitedway.com or (601) 965-1353.

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