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Key Points

  1. Alignment Jackson activities support the Jackson Public School Districts' strategic plan, vision, and needs. 
  2. Alignment Jackson provides a means to coordinate community organizations interested in working with our schools to maximize their efforts. 
  3. Alignment Jackson provides space for our community to pool resources, volunteers, and funding to support Jackson Public Schools students. 
  4. The support of Alignment Jackson, Inc. comes from diverse and institutional stakeholders. 

About Alignment Jackson

Alignment Jackson coordinates community organizations and resources for positive impact on public schools, children's success, and the community as a whole. What sets Alignment Jackson apart is its integrated principles, structured process, and engaged technology based upon proven collective impact model that effects systemic change.

The Model
In the 90s, Nashville, Tennessee was dealing with many of the same issues that the city of Jackson is facing--low graduation rates, school district challenges and a host of people proclaiming to have the solution. Nashville had hundreds of well-intentioned community organizations wanting to and already working with schools, but no strategy or coordination. They had individual organizations working with individual schools, and the principals at those schools doing their very best to manage community relationships while educating children. A group of concerned leaders got together, set about solving problems, and Alignment Nashville was born. Their investment in the model began to transform schools and in six years Nashville achieved a graduation rate of 82%, up from 58%. Our goal is to replicate their collective impact strategy and succeed in Jackson.
What Makes us Different?
Alignment Jackson is a unique and scalable framework for developing community schools. The Alignment toolset focuses on Principles, Structure, Process and Technology for collaboration that align the resources of community organizations to aligning the city's resources toward common goals. Alignment Jackson was developed to ensure all the services children need are provided to them in an effective and efficient way that complements their education, health and well-being, and the goals of the public schools. 

Benefits to the Community of Alignment Jackson

  • Connecting the community across all sectors to support student achievement
  • Utilizing expertise from multiple organizations, the Alignment process guarantees high quality services, a broader perspective, and a wiser approach. 
  • Collective efforts enhance the impact of each organization while generating a much greater overall impact.
  • The Alignment process has demonstarted the ability to attract large national funding. Alignment Jackson will experience the same and will increas the impact of local funding on building pilot programs.
  • Alignment Jackson provides a strategic way to track and define Jackson's long-term goals. 

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