Alignment Jackson High School Team

The High School A-Team's vision is for all students to graduate high school equipped to succeed in a global society and to possess the following five characteristics of a JPS graduate:

  • ACT Score of 21 or above
  • Completion of the Individual Career and Academic Plan
  • Completion of an online course or computer proficiency course
  • College credit or a nationally recognized professional certification
  • Completion of a community service, an internship or a capstone project

The Academies of Jackson


The Academies of Jackson allow educators to 

teach and students to learn in small evidenced-based learning communities that have been proven to increase the rigor, relevance and relationships students need to thrive in today’s global and competitive world. Beginning in August 2014, every 9th grade student entered into the Freshman Academy at their school and the Academies of Jackson will add a grade until each school is wall to wall academies by the 2017-2018 school year.

The Academies of Jackson are a huge undertaking that requires an “all hands on deck” approach from JPS, the City of Jackson and its business partners. The Alignment Jackson High School Committee Team is charged with transforming Jackson Public Schools into small learning communities that integrate academic and career-focused learning that aligns work-based learning with the needs of area employers. The Academies of Jackson open the door for community to play an unprecedented role in support of Jackson Public Schools and will revolutionize how educators teach and students learn.

The Academies of Jackson will produce the following evidence of service delivery:

  • All freshman students in JPS High Schools are placed in a Freshman Academy
  • Each JPS High School will have three Academy pathways
  • All Freshman Academy personnel receives Freshman Academy related professional development
  • All 10th – 12th grade personnel receive Academy focused professional development
  • All 10th-12th grade Academy teachers receive externship opportunities
  • Each school will host a Summer Bridge program for incoming Freshman students
  • Creation/Adoption of District wide Freshman Seminar class curricula

For more information about the Academies of Jackson Click here.

The JPS Freshman Academy Class of 2015-2016 took part in a day they will never forget!

The second annual Career Exploration Fair took place November 18, 2015 at the Jackson Convention Complex. More than 2,000 ninth grade students had the opportunity to engage with over 75 local businesses and organizations and explore a myriad of career areas through hands-on activities. 

Many thanks to the Alignment Jackson committee members, volunteers, Jackson Public Schools, and the business community who helped make this event successful!



You are Invited to Participate!

The High School A-Team is currently seeking support from community organizations and local businesses interested in supporting the Academies of Jackson. Learn more here.