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Invitation to Participate

Academies of Jackson Invitation to Participate Academies of Jackson Invitation to Participate


Alignment Jackson High School Team

Academies of Jackson


Committee Vision

All students graduate high school equipped to succeed in a global society, prepared to excel in college and career because of their cultural depth of knowledge, commitment to service, rigorous academic training, and career focused occupational skills.


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Target Population 

The City of Jackson businesses and organizations, JPS' students and their families


What do we want to do?

Short-term Outcomes:

• Increase Averaged Daily Attendance by 5% each JPS High School 

• Increase Parent awareness of Active Parent

• JPS Academy Coaches are prepared to support the Freshman Academy and Academic Themed Academies at their school

• JPS Keystone Teachers are prepared to support the Freshman Academy at their school

Mid-term Outcomes:

• Increase parent usage of Active Parent 

Long-term Outcomes:

• Increase College Readiness

• Increase High School Graduation Rate

• Increase Career Readiness

• Increase Average Daily Attendance


Services Needed From The Community

This Invitation To Participate seeks community resources to support Jackson Public Schools in the development of the Academies of Jackson. The following are services that are requested from the community. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the Alignment Jackson High School Team is open to exploring opportunities that may not be listed below:

• Speakers Bureau

o How to resolve conflict

o How to use technology responsibly

o The power and meaning of Grade Point Average

o How to plan for career

o How to plan for college

o How to manage finances

• Equipment to Support the Career-Themed Academies

• Business Partnerships

• Internship Opportunities for Students

• Externship Opportunities for Educators

• Mentors

• Tutors

• Other Relevant Services and Resources


Expected Dates of Implementation


ITP Release Date: October 26, 2015

Deadline for ITP Responses: May 31, 2016


Implementation Dates:


Freshman Academy - Implemented at all schools

Academic Themed Academy (10th Grade) - August 2015 – May 2016

Academic Themed Academy (11th Grade) - August 2016 – May 2017

Academic Themed Academy (12th Grade) - August 2017 – May 2018



If you have any questions about this Invitation to Participate or the ITP proposal process, please contact Anthony Johnson, Interim Executive Director of Alignment Jackson, at or (601) 965-1353. 


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