Key Points Key Points

1. Alignment Jackson activities support the Jackson Public School Districts' strategic plan, vision,
and needs.
2. Alignment Jackson provides a means to coordinate community organizations interested in working with
our schools to maximize their efforts. But we need to know who you are, we need to identify where you can be most helpful, and we need to streamline the process for all of us to work collaboratively.
3. The support of Alignment Jackson, Inc. comes from diverse and institutional stakeholders.
4. Alignment Nashville has demonstrated success worth building upon. When they started, Nashville's
graduation rate was 58%; through their Alignment
initiative, those rates increased to 82% in just six years.
5. This is not a silver bullet or a panacea; it simply provides space for our community to get the most
"bang for its buck" by pooling resources, volunteers, and funding to support Jackson Public School students.
6. With the support of Jackson Public Schools, the
Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, City of Jackson, and United Way of the Capital Area, cross sector teams of concerned
Jacksonians have been attending trainings in Nashville for the past two years. Now we need to build
more participation from entities throughout our entire community to ensure success for Jackson Public Schools.

Benefits to the Community of Alignment Jackson Benefits to the Community of Alignment Jackson

• Lifting the morale of the city
• Connecting the community across all sectors to support student achievement
• Changes the way we do business as a city and builds trust among organizations and across sectors
• Greater returns on investment — by working together toward common goals, resources are leveraged,
duplication is avoided and efficiency is greatly increased
• Higher-quality services — utilizing expertise from multiple organizations guarantees a broader perspective
and a wiser approach
• Enhanced capacity — very few organizations have the capacity to have community-wide impact; a collective
effort enhances the impact of each organization, while generating a much greater overall impact.
• Leverage of local funding — the Alignment Process have demonstrated they can attract large national
funding, Alignment Jackson will experience the same which will increase the impact of local funding that
played a role in building pilot programs.
• Peer to peer accountability — Alignment Jackson Operating Board will provide a platform for peers to come
together and discuss programs, strategies and approaches
• Community accountability — Alignment Jackson provides a strategic way to track and define Jackson's
long-term goals

Not Business As Usual Not Business As Usual

What is most unique about Alignment Jackson is its dual board structure and leadership, the relationship
between the boards and among board members, and their comprehensive commitment to Alignment Jackson
Founded by United Way of the Capital Area with buy-in from Jackson Public Schools, the Greater Jackson
Chamber Partnership and the City of Jackson, Alignment Jackson is set up with a Governing Board and an
Operating Board.
The Governing Board—comprised of Jackson Public Schools (JPS) Superintendent, United Way of the Capital
Area President, Chamber President, Mayor of Jackson, School Board President, City Council representative, a JPS
parent and student, corporate CEOs, faith leaders, as well as College, University and Community College
Presidents—sets policy, vision and guiding principles.
The Operating Board, whose chairman also sits on the Governing Board, is a more action oriented group
focused on getting things done. This Operating Board consists of high-level decision makers in the JPS
Superintendent's executive staff and Jackson community experts—each with decision making power in their
individual organizations and institutions.