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Letter from our Executive Director




Let me be the first to thank you for all of your encouragement and support of our previous work and as the Alignment Jackson team refocuses on our 2017 goals. Don’t misunderstand me. Alignment Jackson continues to work to improve the lives of Jackson’s young scholars by supporting Jackson Public Schools in their goals of producing healthy and academically successful students. We do this by facilitating city-wide partnerships with a variety of businesses and community partners. The latter is where we plan to focus our efforts during the first half of the year. Bringing together people and resources is where we feel we will best effect change in our community.

The Alignment Jackson staff has been so energized by the support we have received, particularly while planning and executing the 2016 Career Exploration Fair. So many entities, private and public, joined us in creating a truly unique and impactful experience for the freshman of Jackson Public Schools. Seeing their faces and hearing how positively they were influenced, by the event, reassured me that there is a desire for more community/school district engagement.

I personally plan to reach out to as many community partners and businesses as I can and my staff shares in my passion for seeking those who want to invest their resources into the talented young students of our capital city. However, we know we will not have to do it alone. I charge you as our supporters to have your friend and/or family members who own local businesses to give us a call. Tell your colleagues about us and the wonderful work we are doing to enhance the lives of Jackson’s future workforce. Encourage Others to Engage.

Thank You again for your ongoing support.


Nikki K. McCelleis

Executive Director of Alignment Jackson


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