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Alignment Jackson has chosen to highlight Lanier High School for the month of February! Lanier High School is one of seven high schools in the Jackson Public School District. The school’s mission is to provide their students with a quality education that will allow them to become articulate in spoken word, masterful in writing, and analytical in thought to function as self-sufficient, supporting adults. With that mission in mind, Lanier has taken on the Academy model in order to better prepare their students for college and career. The high school has three career Academies: Healthcare ad Laboratory Diagnostics, Business and Global Marketing, and Engineering and Innovation. While each career Academy is important in educating the students in topics/skills such as entrepreneurship, graphic design, business law, and robotics, Lanier’s Healthcare Academy is particularly impressive. The University of Mississippi Medical Center has partnered with the school to provide support, resources, and invaluable guidance to the faculty, staff, and students. Scholars in the Healthcare Academy are learning skills pertaining to fields like Patient Care Services, Forensics, and Healthcare Technology. In the very near future, it is possible that students in this Academy could receive CNA training and be awarded various health related certifications before graduating high school. Lanier takes pride in its ability to produce the next generation of healthcare professionals and to prove it, they require that 100% of their freshmen take a Biology elective. Not Pre Biology, but Biology I. They believe that given the chance, their students will rise to the challenge of a highly analytical, science, and math based course of study. Focusing on health is not just an academic goal of Lanier but also a real-world concern they have for their students. The Lanier High Teen Wellness Clinic was established in 2015 and helps to coordinate youth-centered healthcare for teens during school hours. This innovative healthcare delivery model allows teens access to care without the disruption of their instructional time and their parents work schedules. During the summer months, many of Lanier’s students develop more skills that will prepare them for college and career by participating in programs such as E3. The E3(Engage, Enlighten, Employ) Program is facilitated by Parents for Public Schools of Jackson and funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and with support from over 40 community partners. It is clear that the administration, staff, parents, and community want to see the students of Lanier succeed.

Lanier High School’s future goals include strengthening their Robotics Team, providing more training and instructional staff to better integrate curriculum and instruction, and to solidify and strengthen relationships like the one they have with UMMC. Community partners involved in the school include Jackson Public Schools, Alignment Jackson, United Way of the Capital Area, Operation Shoestring, Envision Eye Care, Women’s Foundation of Mississippi, Mississippi State Department of Adolescent Health, Mississippi State Department of Family Planning, and United Health Care. If anyone, private or public sector, would like to contribute to the wonderful work going on at Lanier High School and in any of its Academies, please call their offices (601-960-5369), visit their website, or email their administration. 

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